Product Highlight

Compact wired AC/DC modules with low standby power

RECOM expands its low-power AC/DC RAC series with the introduction of two new wired versions: the RAC03-C/W and RAC04-C/W. These wired modules open RECOM’s product range to off-board applications while at the same time continuing to meet market demand for efficient power supplies in the low-wattage range.[more]


The RECOM-Group inaugurates new company headquarters

You will find them in almost all electronic products, but few realize how much know-how and development work is concentrated in RECOM’s power converters, switching regulators, and LED drivers. For the past 20 years, this medium-sized owner-managed company has become a leading supplier of power modules on a worldwide basis, with subsidiaries in Frankfurt, New York, Singapore and Shanghai – as well as an automated production center in Taiwan – all managed and steered from its newly conceived “Think Tank” headquarters in Gmunden, Austria.[more]

NEW! Isolation Calculator

This online calculator can be used to translate isolation voltages from DC to AC and between values for 1 second, 1 minute and continuous rating. It also conveniently indicates isolation requirements according to application: general purpose, medical, IGBT and High Voltage or Reinforced.

Try out the Isolation Calculator now.